Sunday, 7 December 2008

Has Boris bottled it?

On Monday 17th November Haringey Council Planning Committee voted by five votes to four to pass the Grainger plan to destroy the Wards Corner community market building and surrounding streets. Five Labour party members voted for the Grainger plan. Four Liberal Democrat party members voted against it. Does that ring any bells of Shoreditch?

One of several recent community demonstrations by the Wards Corner Coalition (WCC) against the Grainger/TfL/Haringey redevelopment plans.

Before the London Mayoral election Boris Johnson visited Wards Corner and expressed support for the alternative community plan for the site.Watch the video of his visit here. What will Boris do now he's won the election? WCC report that he's already agreed to back the Haringey decision.

A view of part of the interior of the Wards Corner building as it is today

How the covered market could look if the Community Plan were implementedLearn more about the Wards Corner Coalition's battle against ante-social development and what you can do to help here.

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