Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Labour's block vote for The Block

On Thursday 13th March 5 Labour Councillors on the Tower Hamlets planning committee voted as one to approve this property developers' application to built 12 to 25 storey towerblocks at Sclater Street/Bethnal Green Road. The committee members from the Conservative, Respect and LibDem parties voted against it, but were outnumbered by 5 votes to 4

The proposed development will tower over the local conservation areas and the local community. A 70 metre long wall of 12 to 20 storey towers coming right up to the edge of the pavement will permanently cast deep shadows over the narrow Bethnal Green Road and beyond. Hundreds of local residents and businesses, the long-established local artistic community and English Heritage strongly objected to the proposal. Developers will claim the approval as a precedent paving the way for further soulless development. It jeopardises meaningful input from the community into plans for the future of this historic area.
The week had seen extensive press coverage which you can read about here and here.

The only justification the community has been given is the London Mayor’s support for tall buildings and the "City Fringe" draft planning document which sees the Bishopsgate Goodsyard as an ideal location for tall buildings. This document has neither been consulted upon nor approved. Mayor Livingstone now has 14 days to consider the application and decide whether to overule the committee's decision.
But we are losing confidence in the Mayor to do the right thing when we read stories like this and this
If you want to understand what's at stake for our community then watch the videos made by OPENshoreditch members here or click on the link "Stop the block. Save the light" above.

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James WT said...

We need far greater transparency regarding financial gifts, donations or support that is received by Local Councillors, Mayors and M.P.'s with the specific aim of identifying whether any organisation or individual has a vested interest.

Even harsher penalties must be enforced if such activity/ contact takes place.

Even though I am a Labour voter, I am certain that I would not in any way have voted for Ken given his disgraceful destruction of Londons urban fabric and hope that Boris Johnson - who I also cannot stomach, but support on this issue - stands true to his election pledge and puts a stop to this "High Rise" madness.

I say shame on the Borough Councillors in London ( both Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem) who appear to be Hell Bent on selling London down the "Shanghai River".

I hope they sleep well at night. I wouldn't. But then I have a conscience!

Some may ask whether any local councillors