Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Making Town Centres More Attractive: The Questionnaire

Tower Hamlet council has commissioned a company called MCA (based on the Isle of Mull) to carry out a small study of the town centres involving 3/4 traders and similar number of residents to get their views on how the town centres could be made more appealing and attractive to encourage people to spend more time/money in them. The Report is expected to inform the council as it considers the future promotion of the town centres.

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into a word document or email, complete the questions and return it or call T: 01681 700750 and ask them to email the questionaire to you. 

Your views are important - make it count!  Replies must be in by Friday  21 May 2010

Town centre assessment. Name of Centre:

Specific shopping choices
How much would more of these varieties of shop improve the town centre
Very much 
Not at all

Food and drink (bakers, juice bars, wholefoods, butcher, grocers etc.)

Clothes and fashion

Health and Beauty (barbers, chemists, hairdressers, health clubs, etc)

Home and garden (DIY, furnishings, florists)

Pubs and restaurants

Other shops (audio, banks, cycle, dry cleaners, jewellers, newsagents, etc)

Questions on types of fashion and clothes shopping 
Clothes and fashion shops often add vitality to a town centre. What kinds of fashion shop would you like to see ?
A lot
Not at all

International designer shops

International designs within shops

Value design (e.g. M&S or New Look)

Mainstream High Street names

Niche fashion outlets

Second hand designer labels

Other (state)

Questions on cultural and art retailing 
Art and culture industries can enhance a shopping trip. How important are these ?
Very important
Fairly important 
Not important 

Shop units for designer / retailers in the town centre

Retail squares and clusters for designers

Having a cultural quarter in the town centre

Premises for clubs, theatre and bands

Space for exhibitions and performances

Presence of design & hi-tech consultancies

Other (state)

Questions on ethnic diversity and culture
How much should this town centre contribute to the cultural enrichment of Tower Hamlets through its ethnic diversity
A lot 
Not at all

By having more focus on specialist trades

By hosting festivals and events

By greater promotion of diverse cuisines 

By stimulating more social interaction  

By sports and street theatre

By the creation of a cultural trail

Other (state)

Questions on attractiveness to different age groups
How much would these features make this town centre attractive to the following groups (1-10; 10 is ‘very attractive’)
Young people
Older people

 Variety and number of interesting shops

Safe space for wandering about

Socialising with diverse ethnic groups

Good links with cultural attractions  

Having frequent festivals / events

Being safe and open at night

Having a street market

Other (state)

Questions on the social functioning of the town centre 

How much would you approve of the following social activities in the centre 
Very much
Not at all 

Outdoor cafes and tables on the street

Shops with bigger more flexible frontages

Evening shopping events

Clusters of shops rather than parades

Higher quality street markets

More spaces for people to circulate

Other (state)

Some details on yourself

How would you describe yourself under the following categories  

Asian /Asian British
Black /Black British
Mixed / dual heritage
Prefer not to say


Employed status  
Self employed

Other issues of interest in making this town centre more attractive:

Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. It will help Tower Hamlets Council to plan for making this town centre more successful.

Martin Caldwell and Glyn Austin
MCA Regeneration
Working with Tower Hamlets Council
Tel No. 01681 700750.