Monday, 26 July 2010

C4 Undercover Boss: Tower Hamlets Chief Executive

Dr Kevan Collins, the Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets, was the recent subject of Channel 4's Undercover Boss programme. In the hour long programme, broadclast last Thursday (22 July), the council's supremo posed as 'Colin' an adult intern checking out a range of jobs for a new TV programme.

With the aim of cutting £50million from the Tower Hamlets budget he joined the Meals on Wheels service, the welcome desk at a housing division, responded to a callout with pest control, toured Whitechapel market with the market services representative and went on patrol with the Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs) in our own corner of the borough.

The programme was clear about the challenges that face Tower Hamlets and the chief executive came across as a thoughtful, action-orientated person, who was genuinely touched at the commitment of staff. The staff chosen to appear were truly impressive representatives - nb: I am only reporting what I saw, not what I have experienced on occasion! You might however wonder how it is, that given the CE's length of service at the council, the fact that he was relatively new in post as the Chief Executive and that he actually toured a patch of the borough that he lives in, no-one appeared to recognised him. Just a thought.

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