Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tell us what you want?

Tower Hamlets council is asking for community feedback (via The Spitalfields Society) on how the £1.85m originally allocated for the Brick Lane arches might be better spent. Below are some suggestions that have been made. If you would like to add to the suggestions, please email us, or leave a message at that the bottom of this post.

- removal of the industrial waste bins from Brick Lane so we don't have to walk through/breathe in last night's curry as it leaks on to the pavement;

- repair/correction of the pavement so we don't sprain our ankles while walking down Brick Lane or have to walk on building pallets when it rains and floods and turns into a sewer;

- a town centre police team operating out of Brick Lane police station to deal with adverse consequences of the thriving night-time economy on Brick Lane, which is going to thrive all the more once an additional 10,000 visitors come to the area each weekend with the opening of Shoreditch High Street station (official estimate no less but no additional police resources to deal with it);

- toilets for the patrons of the night-time economy to befoul instead of our conservation areas and listed buildings;

- enforcement officers to regulate/monitor the market traders/purveyors of stolen goods on Brick Lane/Sclater Street and surrounding areas;

- some signage informing visitors how to get to Brick Lane from Columbia Road Flower Market/Spitalfields Market/Petticoat Lane (rather than having to tell them to look for the unsightly silver arches);

- perhaps the £750,000 that was meant to be spent on improving Allen Gardens, a most forlorn park, can now actually be spent on improving Allen Gardens.

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