Friday, 1 August 2008

Patrick Hughes' welcoming words.

WHOREDITCH have been
without the city walls for
500 years of theatre,
Markets and market gardens,
Hospitals and hospitality,
Fashions and the unfashionable,
Boos and booze,
Real work and
The pleasure of leisure.

We are proud whores here,
Selling shocks to the city suits
Who need our vision as much
As we need their lucre.

Don’t let them takeover –
They love takeovers –
Our Ditch,
Put out our Light and
Replace it with another
Deeply dull erection
Just like the other ones.

Keep our Independence from
Bean counters,
Mouse wagglers,
Planners and ponces.

Patrick Hughes, July 2008

1 comment:

soshall said...

thank you for posting this. i had been looking for it everywhere having seen it posted Stirling Ackroyd's window. irony gets boring.